Creation Dance Championships

Deborah Blumer

Deborah Blumer, International Director of Creation Dance Championships has been involved in every aspect of dance for 45 years. The former steel worker's daughter, started out in her humble beginnings at age of six as a student in the little town of Weirton, WV. Her current home base is in beautiful sunny Sarasota FL. Through the years she has traveled extensively as a professional dancer, model, choreographer, master teacher, studio owner, artist and entrepreneur. Deborah continues to instill the love of dance to the masses.

Deborah believes that every performer should have an opportunity to showcase their gifts in an encouraging and welcoming environment. She encourages others to believe in and nurture their unique talents through faith, hard work and perseverance. Her greatest joy is to see others fulfill the destiny on their lives. According to Deborah, the true ultimate victory is no regrets, living life in the present and knowing the best is yet to come!

Dr. David Blumer

Dr. David Blumer earned his PhD from LaSalle University in 1996. He is a former Dean of Business and Technologies at Beaver County College. David was a Professor of Business Administration, Accounting, Economics, Marketing and Management.

He was ordained into ministry in 1996 and called to Market Place Ministry in 1998. Shortly afterward, he founded Restoration Tabernacle Productions, Inc. where his efforts include motivational speaking and authoring numerous publications world wide.

Most recently, he directed and produced Sarasota's Worship Festival “New Beginnings” featuring Paul Wilbur and over 100 soloists and worship leaders. David serves as a talent scout to select candidates for company auditions with Machol International.

He currently produces his weekly radio ministry on “The Gospel Giant” at http://www.kmtl760am.com/ (Sundays 12:00 - 12:30 am Central Time.)

David is the CFO and Master of Ceremonies for Creation Dance Championships, Inc.

David has brought excellence and managerial expertise through strategic planning to the arts community for over 20 years. He brings to the Creation experience an atmosphere of love and appreciation for performers and teachers. Dr. Dave creates an exciting theatrical environment that nurtures talent in a supportive and entertaining fashion, leading to the ULTIMATE VICTORY!